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A great attitude and a desire to learn to be a professional model and a model person.  Please send a Headshot (nice clean face, smile), a full body shot that shows your figure and another shot of your choice. 

We need measurements:  Height, Hair and Eye Color, Bra Size, Bust, Waist, Hip, Thigh, and shoe size.

Please send a resume if you have one of your modeling bookings, etc.  If you are new at this, that's ok!  We love training new models!  Just contact us and we will get started!


Are you new to modeling?  Do you freeze up in front of the photographer?  Here is something that might help.

Make a poster of 31 of your favorite poses from your favorite magazines. Paste and number them 1-31.  Each day practice one of the poses.  At the end of the month, you will know 31 poses.  Then start grouping the 5 poses together and practice posing from one to the other.  This trains your body to move with several poses in a row.  No more freezing in front of the camera – well almost none! 


Beginning a career as a model takes time usually - not always - but usually.  Find out what it takes.  Contact us!  We'd love to help you and lead you in your professional modeling career.


Please send high resolution photos if possible.  You know your cell phone takes great photos to begin with.  We will talk about a professional shoot later if you want.


Please submit your photos for review by sending them to:

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