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Currently our fit division is exploding.  Did you know some print models want to be fit models.  Why?  Because we work and we are paid well.  Think you might have what it takes, give me a shout!!!


What we look for in a fit model:

1.  Measurements 

2.  Communication Skills - the ability to communicate to the designers, production team and company executives what doesn't feel right, what needs changed.

3.  Grooming - hair, face, body clean and well-groomed.

4.  Style - knowledgeable about style and "looks the part."

5.  Integrity - on time,  polite to all

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We have a diverse range of models to suit your needs. 

modeling classes

Classes include:

Model Masterclass, Fit Modeling, Virtual Fitting, Runway, Print, Informal and Parts



Fabulously Fitting the Voluptuous Woman

Shapewear - Ins and Outs of What's Best for Your Shape

Booking New York Fashion Week

Confident Curvy Woman


Terri is  a popular motivational speaker.  In one of her most popular classes, she asks you to bring in an tem that you don't know what to do with or how to wear it.   I guarantee you she will amaze you with her clever ideas.

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